Wachenfeldt was founded by Thomas von Wachenfeldt and his former drum teacher Jon Skäre around 2012. Thomas violin student Martin Björklund joined in short thereafter on lead guitar.


Wachenfeldt released their debut EP "Colophon" in 2013 on Sliptrick Records. The songs where recorded at Bowstead Studios, Gränsfors and Fear & Loathing Studios in Stockholm. Colophon where mixed and mastered by Ola Lindgren (Grave) at Studio Soulless, Stockholm and received great reviews.


The follow-up "The Interpreter" have been delayed when the members have been involved in a variety of projects. The singer and bassist Thomas von Wachenfeldt as arranger and bass player in Entombed’s symphonic projects with Gävle and Malmö symphony orchestras, where the latter where released as DVD and CD. Thomas has also participated in Wombbath's "Downfall Rising" as vocalist/lyricist and is now playing guitar in the band. The drummer Jon Skäre has participated in, amongst others, Ost+Front, Defiatory, Maskinisten and Skineater and Martin Björklund has been touring with, amongst others, Månegarm and Mercury X.


The Interpreter where also recorded at Bowstead Studios and Fear & Loathing Studios and was mixed by Tommy Rehn (Angtoria, Corroded, The Kristet Utseende i.a.). The album is released on Threeman Recordings and contain 11 songs where three of them ("Colophon", "Hymn to Lucifer" and "Litany to Satan") were also featured on the Colophon, but now in new versions.


The music is, as previously, situated between death, thrash and black metal with elements of classical and folk music.

The follow-up album "Faustian Reawakening" will be released in 2021. As the previous record, the album was mixed and mastered at Bowstead Studios by Thomas von Wachenfeldt. The album also featuring the new guitarist Daniel Jakobsson, who also have contributed with both music and lyrics.


Vocals, Bass, Rythm Guitar, Strings and Programming


Lead and Rythm guitars